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College Budget Calculator

Find out how much money will you have at the end of each month after you pay for school, books, room and board and other expenses. Use this calculator to itemize your income and expenses, and see how much cash you'll have left over each month.

Yearly Income

Job Income
including work-study
Scholarships please enter amount awarded for the year $
Grants please enter amount awarded for the year $
Financial Support from Parents/Other $

Yearly Expenses

Expense Type

Expected Cost

tuition for one entire year
*Books and Fees
books and fees for entire year

Expected Monthly Expenses

Expense Type

Expected Cost

Room and Board(on campus) $
Rent or Mortage(off campus) $
School Related Supplies $
Insurance(auto and/or personal) $
Clothing $
Telephone(including cell phone) $
Electricity $
Gas/Heat $
Water $
Internet $
Other Utilities $
Total Utilities $
Food $
Car Payment $
Childcare $
Entertainment $
Student Loan Payment $
Credit Cards $
Other $


Estimated Monthly
Net Income*
assumes 28% average income tax
Total Monthly Expenditures $
Money Left Over Each Month $

* semester-based income/expenses, assumes two semesters per school year.

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